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are trying to do is elected official whose travel are required, sorry. >> sorry to interrupt, the city attorney, and i want to make sure that we took the public comment on the last items? >> we did and there was no public comment. and seeing that there is only one member of the audience, i did not ask for additional public comment. >> thank you very much. >> so elected officials have to file and what the costs going to be and this is one of the requirements that we get a lot of questions about from the elected officials and the staffs and so we thought that if we would put the advice that we generally get them in the actual words and regulations it might make it easier to follow through these requirements. and so, the first discussion point is tracks the two changes that we just adopted and again, this one can be filed not only in person but either by e-mail, regular mail or fax. >> if the individuals contribute to the cost of the trip, we always tell the officials to file a single form for all of the donor and we just put that practice into writing and the third decision point is basi
the audience of graduates to follow their heart. i hit the campaign trail to elect a president that would make energy a national imperative. it touched me because it's the things we do at g s a everyday. just like apple products convey their products this building is no exception it has solar and open rabble windows and it represents the history in this city. we use an integrated design approach in our project and we manage our building holistically. and indeed we help the workforce because their housed. and where else is the conversion of technology and art more prevalent than here per jobs was an volley ball for workplace and i believed that successful companies thrived oneself competition rather than waiting for someone to come up with products their world leadership was for the last 15 years. g s a is leading the transformation for the frig. we were the first agency to help simplify the procurement of the board rage of services and saving million dollars discolors for the taxpayer. we're rolling out a program to help with the collaborative workspace and g s a as a great sustainable ability
appreciate how fast that election has moved forward. the testimony has spoken of the urgency. i'm looking forward to future conversations with members of the board and this committee because this legislation is treating it's triage and treating those immediately impacted. we also need to do much more to control and regulate the kinds of speculation that is fueling those evictions. and we as a coalition of affordable housing organizations and advocates have some other suggestions as to what we can do as a city to prevent those evictions from happening in the first place. i should say mrs. lee is on her way in the bus but she hadn't made it here. thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. from san francisco apartment association. i want to thank you supervisor chiu and the rest of his sponsors. i think this election is a good piece of legislation to create an migration to a difficult problem. i want to encourage this to allow private owners to step in and help anti amending that law so we can help out where there are no fault evocation to help getting pe
was honored for the city and the mayor elected someone else. now you know who i am. i have known this gentleman for the last 50 years. i have the video of his mother and ed rub ins who was nominated for the pulitzer prize. and -- i have known her. anyway, i think this gentleman deserves considerations for one of these grants coming up. i have worked election polls and in 1957 and i have been part of the community. when i started the poetry programs, the african american history program i funded that out of my own pocket without any help. the friends of the library have contributed a couple hundred dollars every year and the poet like the christmas song, nat king cole and debra mason and janet, they have been in programs with me. i was also commissioned to write a poem to david gillespie and unfortunate he passed away. i have been m programs involve the greatest singer james brown and the foundation. i have been teaching poetry and creative writing over 45 years and music history and music appreciation and i need further funding myself so i can further do my work. music is the un
's resolution 11-12 to elect to retain the housing functions of the former redevelopment agency and to accept the housing assets, accept a transfer of all of the housing assets pursuant to disillusion law that was comprised of assembly bill ab 26. in march of 2012 the oversight board took action to acknowledge all of the housing assets had transferred to the city as housing successor. however, the end of june of 2012, the state amended disillusion law through assembly bill 1384. it did a lot of things, but one of the things it did was it changed how the assets should be treated, especially in transfers to housing successors and provided that transfers of housing assets exclude any balances that are retained in the low and moderate income housing fund and ex/khraoded the transfer of any obligations that were retained by the successor agency. it also required that housing successors provide a list to the state called the housing asset transfer list or the hat. that due date was august 1, so pretty much just one month later the city was required to turn in the hat and the city did that on augus
to elect people on the committee or stuff like that to lose sight of the actual people we're servicing. that about all the different possibility of what is a barrier for them to access employment and i would want to hope to add that into the conversation >> so you think it's not happening right now. >> i think it is i think you can always add more. >> so i'm looking to get a feeling for what exactly tangible you said a wider community voice that's an intangible thing it's also challenging but how about a specific piece of policy or legislation or a goal in the tech industry wild to see an there in latino workings by 50 percent in two years. what exactly are you looking to do i want to know concretely so when you come back for reappointment okay. how do we measure our success? >> i think that it's very hard for me to go with numbers i know that when i was in my coordinator he helper we were focused to make sure many the young people fulfilled concern requirements and it didn't reflect the type of work that was done so i don't think i can give a specific 15 percent of people in san
, what we're asking for is elected leaders and other civic leaders to endorse the boycott of center plate and food and beverage at the ballpark. >> i have a question. >> supervisor cohen? >> thank you. so, what i heard from a lot of the workers, boycott, to me, that means if i'm at the ballpark, don't buy food, it's as simple as that? >> it's that simple but there's a lofted of eventess, a big part of center plate's income comes from catering events, and so they have all kinds of events, you know, not just during the games but during the off season and when the games aren't being played, so we're asking people to boycott those catered events as well. >> this also includes candle stick? >> no, we're not boy contending -- boycotting the food at candle stick. >> center plate is also -- the contracts with candle stick, it would be contracted within the new stadium, so in my opinion, if we're looking at a larger issue about workers, we're talking about, yes, they may not be in the city and county of san francisco but maybe going down to santa clara county. >> they've been rewarded with that,
congratulations. mayor ed lee mentioned that we had a elected representative from south dakota visiting us kevin is from the pine renal and he's the house of representatives for the 27th district with the the cha an county. kevin was 29 years old when he stepped up to the plate i will put forth my best effort. being in south dakota and coming from south dakota my heros are not always older than me. i want to introduce and give him a round of applause to continue the fight in south dakota. kevin keller house of representatives. this young man 29 years old. 29 years old. there's hope. there's hope. kevin. with you well, i want to say to you for the wonderful introduction and and that's our traditional welcoming. and it's an honoring honor to be here and thank you to the drum group for having us. i found out that about this through one of my good forensics supervisor jane kim. she's the one i met hearing her and she said yeah. shop and i didn't think i was going to be speaking. i'm 0 glad to be a part of it. this shows the strength of our country i grew up in denver so coming from an ushering ar
being an elected official so what kind of work have you done prior to our application. >> prior to my application and prior to being a commissioner fierro i come from the banking industry. >> from the what? the banking industry. this type of work has humbled me working for large korpgsdz you walk around with our head up not seeing what's around you. i can say working for investment banking firms kind of blinded me. when i got the opportunity to work with my first client he just opened my eyes to so many needs that agencies i'm done research i'm able to link the agencies to help them get
this election process for any kind of review and protest prior to the items coming to the arts commission for final action. i would like your comments on that and it may also be relevant as to off the top of my head, i'm not remembering if we had that same kind of process for professional services contracts or if that's mainly construction contracts. >> we have a protest process for all of our rfp's. >> thank you. >> the panel process which is an open process and all applicants are welcome to participate and attend. if you sit through the whole thing you essentially know what the outcome is of the panel process. this panel recommendations are brought to the committee meeting and it's noted who the applicants are and an opportunity for public comment. within that process of the full commission, i would imagine if we had a complaint lodged that that's where it would reside. i have never had a complaint lodged so i don't actually know what the process would be. there is again between the committee meetings which approves the panel recommendation, it goes to full commission. that full commiss
have our student elected representative. provide expanded educational stunt with college tours to stanford and u.s. santa cruz. support parents and guardians to understand the positive and campfire them to help with the agriculture needs. and to help with the educational language. collaborates annual event and the wisdom of moving forward event >> and our dancipowwow. we collaborator with the american indian community to support the youth and families. we received consultant oppose at the schools. >> thank you very much. so along with our successes our changes are the indian education program which are a nonpriority and challenge is to have a permanent location. we need to set up our libraries and a sf d staff to access as well as other resources. the district needs to republic a report that identifies all the current list of american indian students. we have only the information that identifies them but we need all identifies. we need the support the distribution for those students who are identified as primary or secondary. the parents want to help with the outreach but acce
grade. the reason we which i see arts is my middle son has dix election and i said to school with a special feed for learning difference. he bloomed at creative arts. his teachers were so poisht patient and they taught him how to read. my son has blot clotting disorders and w a single mom with 3 sons with disabilitys i've been helped even though i was panicking they take care of my children. but anyway, i attended a creative arts school and throughout the years we've increased our exist of students of color and staff of color. and made the place a better learning environment for our children. and i volunteer one hundred hours a year happily and because there a second family to me. so i love this school. thank you for renewing our charter (clapping) >> hello, i'm a parent at creative arts. my partner my kids dad is a teacher at balboa school. i'm proud to have our family at creative arts. so my daughter was going to come and speak she's in 5th grade she feel and hurt herself but she was going to talk about being a school ambassador. the kids meet and talk about how to resolve
need to recover credits but those students who want to take more than one elective to cope in school. we horde on update on our core waiver certificate. the next meeting will be monday, december 2nd. will be the next meeting of the curriculum committee and we'll be hearing from our court and county schools for commissioner haney >> i just want to because the superintendant is going to say it we're not referring to the core but the ask the quality system. i've heard the core waiver to be abandoned so that's the last time those words will be uttered in this room. so moving right long commissioner winn will be update us. >> the only action yawned was the creative charter. we have one on the improved k solution. in our last meeting we talked about if the firm we used and if the information is useful at all and have a standing meeting for the purpose of trying to build a base of knowledge among the board members about the issues related to the local control funding formula. so we discussed actually, the proposed regulations for that were submitted to the board of ed and the boards missio
into the similar barriers even the elected officials. i agree to the issue in the food security in the tender loin and i phrase it around the access and the education and knowing what to do with the food once you get it and the ability to actually cook it and store it and prepare that food. but i would like to take it a step further and put on the conversation a little bit more and pose to the question of trying to answer how can you make it economically viable, if we are talking about the low income communitis that have the real high concentrations of poverty, such as the tender loin and 50 percent, and create the jobs around accessing the healthy food and give the folks the food and the opportunities to purchase the food and the sources and the example of that is the healthy corner store and that is going to expand to a meat market and going to supply the meat, and going to run that counter and i think that a lot of opportunity and we need to begin how to answer that and how can we answer that question. >> tell low, thanks for having me here today, my name is moxy and i am a physician in intern
the elected officials that get to stay here. it's the main market community that holds this together. whether it's the collaborative that continues to advocates for public safety and all of you that make this a viable and dynamic and exciting community and diverse. that's the challenge here. we are trying to revitalize this area and still remain diversity. it's not going to happen easy. there is going to be a lot of challenges. but what's exciting is that everyone here from the mayor's office is committed to making that the reality here on market street. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> thank you very much, supervisor. and to talk about the incredible entity that has been created to help us celebrate today is the president of cast and also a board member of the foundation. that is eric roaden back. [ applause ] >> hi. i would like to thank mayor ed lee and supervisor jane kim. it's incredible to be standing here with them. thank you. we appreciate the commitment the city has shown forecast and for the arts community. i have lived in the tenderloin for 10 years and this is a warm spot in
providers commissions and elected officials: after this we go to the health commission the advisory counsel on ages and a variety of other places but we were asked to start here so here we are. we have a communications plan and we have messages and we will explain this under taking because this is just the plan. it's the implementation of this plan that's going to make the difference in san francisco so we're going to be doing clear consistent explanations to all of those groups. how will this all get implemented? well, the recommendation is for a long-term care implementation body to be formed that will include dos the human services agency the department of public health, the three health plans i mentioned and the long-term care coordinating counsel as an advisor but it's not set yet and i want to read something it says in our strategic plan -- the make up of the implementation body needs careful consideration and consist of those that can influence the implementations of the recommendations representatives -- well it doesn't matter but there's a variety of groups. some of your organ
and the timing for co-chair elections was really the catalyst to start these discussions, but i think that catalyst was really an excellent opportunity for the counsel to have a broader discussion about good government rules and the issues that were raised at those meetings really focus more upon communications between individual councilmembers but also communications between the councilmembers and the mayor's office on disability and they had questions about the good government rules that apply to discussions that take place outside of counsel meetings and i responded to those questions by scheduling a special training -- there's a briefing that's given by our city attorney at our last committee executive meeting held in october and i believe that training provided some very clear guidance about the rules that apply to passive bodies like the mayor's disability counsel and what we learned from that training is that the counsel actually has a lot of flexibility much more so than some of the other counsels and boards and commissions that we all work with here in the city and i hope t
. >> line item 8 vote to elect to hold or disclose any or all discussion on item 7 held in closed session. >> the san francisco cold section, 671.2 a. action. >> i move not to disclose. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> thank you, please call the last line item, number nine, the adjournment. >> adjournment, line item nine. >> and thank you very much and as i stated earlier tonight, the police, commission i move to adjourn in the honor of former san francisco district attorney investigator debbie waterfield who passed away recently, she was a very pro-active member of the officers for justice. and prior to joining the san francisco district attorney office, and the da investigator she was a san francisco sheriff's deputy. and she has had affiliations with the police department and some of us on this commission for many, many years, and miss debbie and i was there when she married kelley water field my dad's old partner and i have known him for a long time and she is great, when you told her that it was your wife's birthday she had no problem driving you to nordstromto make sure that y
is used like other tools in our toolbox to respond to the stitch went and our electives to solve the problem. it has to have clashgs with -- collaboration with the police department, the hot program, and the agency can't address homelessness. this is a huge problem. we bring you this tool and we share what we saw and balancing the question in multiple request. thank you for letting me share that. >> this you for that. i really do want to recognize the comments made by supervisor campos and supervisor mar. previously without this pilot program there is no overnight parking. the police officers had to knock on the doors of these individuals and if no one answered there would be no enforcement and no providing of services. we had to partner with hope with mr. duffy's office. that was a critical piece to this and without that, we would have -- never gotten to the pilot program. now there is a more conscious effort where we are trying to provide services with the free parking on treasure island and helping you through to hopefully implementing new housing i think is important. we've
a number of elected officials in the room. we'll be hearing from mayor ed lee and board pointing chu and supervisor wiener sends his regrets but he tended to be here >> rituals from the office of nancy pelosi. without further ado i'd like to welcome up to the podium mayor ed lee (clapping.) happy halloween everybody. i don't want you to mistaken me for jeff curry. we're very enthusiastic about this. much of my staff are under the mistaken belief we're going to serve beer this morning. i want to congratulate everyone it's wonderful to see so many people that are part of our maker movement by people who make things in san francisco. this is i think the beginning of a huge renaissance of manufacturing in the city. i want to congratulate katie for our leadership in working with our staffs and the industries and creating partnerships and the world of merchandising and all the different companies and working with me to promote those products. i came back from china you, you know, those bags are really wonderful in china will where did you make those not in china that were i get to introdu
articulated and there's still work for f that work to be done. you don't need a position or an elected job to bring about changed for the disenfranchised community you can roll up your sleeves >> so i echo supervisor breeds comments in result of today not to get discouraged and whether you'll try to attempt to get on this committee and continue to work with the benefits with the workforce that's trying to do anyways. so there's a motion on the floor is there a second >> second. >> and again i did not support of the waiver but because of supervisor breeds comment in regards to the value of this particular person i will be supporting the motion also so - was there a motion. >> we finished. >> we took care of the motion. >> the waiver a say was passed. >> i did them together and we did a role vote. >> can i separate them. >> so i'd like to make a motion to resend the previous vote. >> second. >> so the motion we're going to vote on is the waiver. >> so are we passing the last motion to resend the vote first. >> thank you wkts the vote is resented. >> so i'd like to make a motion
the year to the election years and so my reception is that it is probably going to be a two or three years until all of the money is lined up and so it may be that if there is a need to look at lower costs which is probably the case with the big project and that triggers the need to reopen the environmental we have time to deal with that and on the foregone conclusion. >> thank you. >> director metcalf? >> i want to first of all say that i am so thrilled that we are talking about the dtx, this, yeah, you can sit down and i might have a question for you. but i am really pleased that we are talking about this phase, and i hope that kind of for this and this can be a major focus of our time for the board and thank you for such a thorough overview and presentation and i feel like it lays out a bunch of things that we are going to need to delve into and talk about, from what you presented the design build, finance, maintain option looks really appealing and the it really has turned out well, and i think that one of the san francisco examples that has gotten this city familiar and comfortable. w
is some thoughts and welcoming remarks and inspiration from our local elected district supervisor she's from the community and working in the community. she's here tonight and going to share some welcome remarks. i'd like to destr i'd like to introduce sxhoilg p (clapping.) everything commissioners thank you for being here. have you ever seen such is a great turnout. to the neighbors i want to say hello and thank you for engaging and welcoming the christmas to our neighborhood. i want to acknowledge barbara for her work with the opera house thank you for hosting. oh, (clapping.) and oh, there she that is and commissioners excuse me for me having my back to you. i think it's very good we're here today addressing some of the environmental challenges that face the south east part of the community. i want to acknowledgees possible jackson who's been a leader for many decades so, please - (clapping) - she's been an environment it before people knew about that. director nuters thank you for your you outstanding work. i also want to acknowledge our community partners in the room at the time
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 59 (some duplicates have been removed)